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Wayfarer's Gear, operated for The Wayfarers' by us at New Headings. We've been in the outdoor industry for years. Avid outdoor enthusiasts, we used our first-hand experience to provide a unique collection of gear that will best help you prepare for your Wayfarers' walking adventure. Our goal is to keep you smiling every step of the way!

A one-stop-shop filled with top brands, performance is our key consideration. It has to be excellent — sun-protective, lightweight, easy-packing, waterproof, breathable, insulating, and more — all as you need each item to be.

The best part: only Wayfarers' travelers receive a special all-the-time discount of 15%! Please contact The Wayfarers' directly to attain the special Wayfarers discount code and use it at check out everytime you shop!

To begin, simply click on any of the categories or call us toll free at 1.888.924.2050 and ask for Peggy, Marcy, or Mark for personalized customer service (non North American residents may call USA (203) 924 2050).

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